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Accessibility & Coverage:Option of Homebirth for All?

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Miriam Perez of the NLIRH (National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health) wrote a very interesting article in the blogosphere entitled, “The Cost of Being Born”. She raises many valid and attention worthy points addressing homebirth and holistic healthcare in low-income communities. As well, she refers to demographics other than the higher brackets primarily portrayed in the media and documentaries who have homebirths. Some specific points mentioned include the lack of education, exposure and assistance available for low-income demographics. One of the biggest points made in this article is that Medicaid (which large populations of women are dependent on) makes it hard to cover a homebirth.

After further research, I have uncovered that the insurance provider, Medicaid, only provides upto $1,000 in coverage for homebirths. This is ashame that that is their max. I have learned though that a GHI Medicaid plan does cover uptowards $6,000. Interestly enough, New York State regulations do require that private insurance companies are to cover out-of-hospital birth with a licensed practitioner. Now if only the midwifery model was paid more respect in the U.S. as it is around the globe.

I think it is great to raise this dialogue so that we can derive a solution. The benefits of homebirths, midwives, doulas and holistic care are beyond exceptional, substantial and sustainable. Hopefully this will make it to capital hill as healthcare is being reformed. At the end of the day, homebirths are more economical than the hospital fees that are paid my Medicaid. This especially is the case if babies are born via C-section or administered drugs through out labor. The natural holistic model of midwifery and homebirth, truths and re-education of the female body and pregnancy should be accessible to all. Women from all demographics and cultural background deserve the access and resources to reconnect with their bodies purpose, their rights, the facts, the inspirations and so forth. At the end of the day, we are all in the same in the fact that our bodies share a universal function. I hope that this universal bridge to communication and awareness is built for all women very soon.


Midwives on a Mission: Earth Birth

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I recently discovered a wonderful organization called Earth Birth. Earth Birth is an NGO which is ran by midwives to foster an international women’s health movement that encourages and promotes safe and peaceful birth. Directed by midwife, Rachel Zaslow, Earth Birth raises funds to build clinics and restore communities amongst women in various countries such as Brazil, Sudan and Uganda. With a sustainable mindset, the clinics that are built incorporate green building practices such as rainwater collection, composting for agriculture and solar power. It is the organization’s mission to lower maternal and infant mortality rates, lower mother to child HIV transmission, grant access to supplies, access to trauma counseling, empower women to have positive childbirth experiences and more.

Add Earthbirth on Facebook today to stay connected and find out ways that you can participate.


Today’s Discussion on Inhabitots : Fertility

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Despite all of the talk of fertility clinics in the news, there are many natural solutions available for women to try to increase their fertility of their own accord, before visiting a fertility clinic hoping to become pregnant. Head on over to Inhabitots to read my post on 5 Natural Ways to Increase Fertility. Join the conversation and note the upcoming Fertility Awarness Workshop taking place on March 18 at Nurture New York


Literally Celebrate the Dance of Life

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Earlier this month I met Suzanne Caesar, MA while we were both speaking on the Pregnant New Yorker Panel. Suzanne has been featured both on NY1 and the Discovery Health Channel for her amazing Maternal Dance Classes for mother’s to be. I myself am an enthusiastic advocate and fan of music & dance and their power to heal, evoke, soothe, especially during pregnancy and childbirth. So I was more than thrilled to learn about Suzanne’s brilliant program and new DVD Rhythm For Life – The Prenatal Belly Dance Workout. The DVD is divded into 4 sections that can be completed all at once or individually. Each segment contains modifications for mothers dependeing on their trimester.


Suzanne is a certified prenatal yoga and Healthy Moms® fitness specialist with a Master of Arts in Dance. She eloquently crafted a easy and fun program for expectant moms integrating the natural sensual moves of dance and sound to:

• Increases strength and energy levels

• Eases pregnancy discomforts

• Reduces stress

• Improves balance, coordination and posture

• Prepares for labor and delivery

• Suitable for all stages of pregnancy.

Listen to Suzanne here to learn more about Maternal Dance


Is the Pill a cause for Pollution & Infertility?

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The Vatican released to the media wire later last week that birth control pills are the main cause for male infertility and pollution. Pedro Jose Maria Simon Castellvi, president of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, released a statement that basically alluded to the release of a large quantity of hormones entering the environment through females’ urination. Flavia Franconi, of the Society of Italian Pharmacology, also commented on this claim saying that the same hormones found in the pill such as oestrogen, is evident in plastics, disinfectants and meats.

There are several organizations that disagree with the Vatican’s claim, and though I personally try not to publicly disclaim my religious and spiritual views by agreeing on various groups’ statements, this report that the Vatican has release sound valid to me. What do you think?

As the pill becomes more and more common, and various generations of girls and women grow, there are startling occurrences such as early signs of puberty, cancer rates, emotional disorders, etc. that seem not as nature attended. Now I know extra hormones are being pumped into the air from some source, and no one can identify all of the sources yet. But I know whenever I see commercials for pills that only give women 4 periods a year or hear women more and more unaware the way and purpose of our cycles, I cannot help but think that our society’s overuse of the pill has made it into the synthetic artificial time keeper of our bodies. The fact is, the true time keeper is the woman.

Here is a good link to help you reconnect with your fertility calendar. Regardless of whether you are on the pill, off, are saving yourself for marriage, you should know ,have a strong sense of how,or a refresher
of how your body and reproductive clock works: